Pocket Pods

The next time someone compliments your space, you'll be saying, "Thanks!  It has Pockets!"

Snap up a pocket pod anywhere you need a helping hand, er, pocket!  The much flatter pocket pods are designed to hold narrower objects--make-up brushes, colored pencils, toothbrush and paste, glasses, etc!  They come with a single snap loops and are designed specifically for hanging, unlike our rounder bodied standard hanging pod line that also sits well.

Pocket Pods measure approximately, 7.5" in the back, 5.5" in the front, and while the base width reaches 5.25" the opening diameter is 4.25"

Feeding Pickle Ltd encourages doing and making things that feed creativity.  These pocket pods perfectly fulfill our mission by keeping creative pieces easily accessible and available to you in your everyday life.  Which pod will you choose to keep your creativity at hand?