Vintage Fabric Pods

Hand-crafted from fabrics that have withstood the test of time, Feeding Pickle Ltd Hanging Pods from our Vintage Fabric Collection bring timeless style to your home organization. It is the aging beauty of vintage fabrics that give them their value and appeal. While I carefully cut and select quality fabric portions for each hanging pod, slight imperfections are both possible and uniquely endearing.

Available in three sizes, our vintage fabric hanging pods are both a beautiful design piece and storage solution. Their unique low front / high back design offers accessibility. Two narrow straps snap around a closet rod, cupboard handle, towel rack, or simply hang on a hook. When clapped closed, the loops and can slip around a door knob with ease.

Feeding Pickle Ltd Hanging Pods are unique in that they are designed to also sit well, maximizing their usage potential on a shelf, counter, table, or desk.

Select the sizes that will meet your storage needs:

SMALL Hanging Pod:
—upper diameter of 4.25”
—base diameter of 4.75”
The small pod stands 7" tall in back and 4" tall in front.

MEDIUM Hanging Pod:
—upper diameter of 4.75”
—bade diameter of 5.25”
The medium pod stands 8” tall in the back and 5.25” in front.

LARGE Hanging Pod:
—upper diameter of 6"
—base diameter of 6.5"
The large pod stands 9" tall in back and 5.5" in front.

Feeding Pickle Ltd encourages doing and making things that feed creativity. These fabric storage bags perfectly fulfill our mission by keeping creative pieces easily available and accessible to you in your everyday life. Which bag will you choose to keep your creativity at hand?