Indigo Dyed Fabric Postcard H

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Indigo Dyed Fabric Postcard H

Each fabric postcard is handcrafted from hand-dyed indigo on cotton fabric.  Share your handwritten note in a fresh and personal way.  Bearing just slight alterations from card-to-card makes your fabric card 100% unique and lovingly crafted for you to share.

Pen your message and address easily on the back with a ball point pen.

On arrival, your postcard will live on as a mug rug/coaster, keeping your words near and dear.  

Measuring 4"x6" and made just-soft-enough with an inner fleece layer and a stabilizer layer for writing stability, these postcards mail easily.

To mail, there are few options:
1.)  Affix a "non-machinable" stamp from your local post office to either the postcard itself or the plastic envelope over the postcard

2.).  Alternatively, tuck your fabric postcard into the enclosed paper envelope and mail with a first class stamp from the convenience of your home mailbox! 

Listing is for the one (1) postcard shown in photo, with a clear plastic envelope and a brown kraft paper A6 envelope both included.

Feeding Pickle Ltd exists to do and make things that feed creativity.  These postcards are a perfect reflection of taking something as old and loved as a handwritten note, and elevating it to creative and specially designed way to convey your heart.  Be inspired to be creative...and share it with someone today!