White Dot Hanging Storage Pods

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White Dot Hanging Storage Pods
White Dot Hanging Storage Pods
White Dot Hanging Storage Pods
White Dot Hanging Storage Pods
White Dot Hanging Storage Pods
White Dot Hanging Storage Pods
White Dot Hanging Storage Pods

With a low front and high back, the unique opening design of our hanging fabric storage baskets maximize accessibility and offer great storage solutions! From make-up to keys, to toys and clothes pins, these hanging bags are at your service!

Outer Fabric:  White Dot on Natural Canvas
Lining Fabric:  White Bull Denim
NOTE:  IF you would prefer Natural (Beige) Denim as the lining, simply leave a note at check out to substitute natural for the white lining.

Hang it on a doorknob, hook, towel bar, chair back or anywhere you need a little extra organization. Doubling their home organization solutions, Feeding Pickle Ltd Hanging Pods are designed to also sit. They are perfect to set on a desk, table, or shelf, maximizing storage potential!

Each sturdy hanging pod has two 7" straps that snap to the storage pod to form a 3.5” long hanging loop. Snap straps can easily attach around a closet rod, cupboard handle, bathroom towel rack, or anywhere else you need an attractive storage solution.

Hand-crafted with two complementing fabrics, the fabric layers are free-form stitched together to keep the lining in place and enhance the overall sturdiness of the bag.

This listing is for one (1) Hanging Pod in size you select.  Adjust quantities in your cart.

Select sizes to meet your home organization needs:

MINI Hanging Pod:
—upper diameter of 4"
—base diameter of 4.5"
The Mini pod stands 6" tall in back, 3.5" tall in front.

SMALL Hanging Pod:
—upper diameter of 4.25”
—base diameter of 4.75”
The Small pod stands 7" tall in back and 4" tall in front.

MEDIUM Hanging Pod:
—upper diameter of 4.75”
—bade diameter of 5.25”
The Medium pod stands 8” tall in the back and 5.25” in front.

LARGE Hanging Pod:
—upper diameter of 6"
—base diameter of 6.5"
The Large pods stands 9" tall in back and 5.5" in front.

X Large Hanging Pod:
--upper diameter of 8"
--base diameter of 9.5"
The X Large pod stands 11.5" tall in back and 7.5" in front.

--upper diameter 9"
--base diameter 11" (wider in the middle height of pod)
The Little Giant hanging pod stands 11" tall in back and 6.5" in front.

GIANT FLOOR POD (not designed for hanging)
--upper diameter of 12"
--base diameter of
The Giant Floor Pod stands approximately 16" tall in the back and 12" in the front.
**Please note: The Giant Floor Pod is not designed for hanging storage. The Giant Floor Pod has a hidden inner layer between outer fabric and lining fabric to give it extra loft and stability for its larger size.

***Due to each bag being individually created, the fabric design will be the same as pictured, though the print may not be in the same exact location as on the bag photographed. Screen differences may affect fabric color appearance. Please message us with any questions before ordering.

Feeding Pickle Ltd is all about offering creative nourishment to young and old alike! These fabric storage bags perfectly fulfill our mission by keeping creative pieces easily available and accessible to you in your everyday life. Which bag will you choose to keep your creativity at hand?