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Do your thing--you do it best.

Marie Winfield

She pulled her project out of her purse while I used free WiFi for a bit. She laughed, "Would you believe I'm crocheting in a fast food restaurant?!" We kinda high-fived at our love to create everyday and everywhere. And we both continued along, happily chatting while doing our creative stuffs, aware but unconcerned for the raised eyebrows of the coming and going diners.

I hope to raise the Pickles here to be fearless, to be themselves wherever they are, at whatever they set their minds to do. For that matter, I want to always encourage kids and adults alike to be their own creative selves. Not copies, not compared, not mainstream trending--just them, being exactly them.

I've had the idea to design our portable playmats for a long time. I fought the idea that my illustrations weren't good enough, weren't professional enough, weren't popular enough. I fought through those notions because I wanted more kids to be inspired to embrace their own unique style. I chose to personally illustrate fabric for these portable playmats to put actions to my words and dreams and not let the raised eyebrows stop me from at the very least trying. I wanted to set the example of pushing for a dream, of letting kids see it is possible. I wanted my illustrations to be believable and inspiring to kids. I wanted them to know that they can do it too.

So here they are. Real tangible pieces of my heart from my hands. They are me, in my style, reminding Pickles everywhere to be themselves too. We each have our own creativity--feed it, and enjoy seeing your own unique stamp on life.

Always be creative,
Marie Winfield

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