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Welcome to Feeding Pickle Ltd

Feeding creativity--nurturing it in body, mind, and soul--is the heart of Feeding Pickle Ltd.
With a passion to see each of our children, aka "the Pickles", grow in their Creator-given role, doing and making things that feed creativity is our daily goal. Starting with the most basic and simple functions in life, we're learning to use the unique fingerprint we've been given in all that we do. Be sure to view our blog to find inspiration for your everyday.

In our shop you'll find handcrafted products to help you think outside the box and add sprinkles of creativity to every corner of your day! Our hanging pods keep the pieces of your creative life easily accessible and our travel playmats and drawing packets ensure that creative ideas and imagination can grow, at home and on-the-go!

UPDATE: February 2022--It has come to my attention that multiple websites, including Amazon, have stolen my photos to solicit fraudulent sales. Always be watchful of where you buy. THE ONLY PLACE TO PURCHASE FEEDING PICKLE LTD. PRODUCTS is on this website and the Etsy branch (feedingpickle.etsy.com). All other sources utilizing my photos and claiming to sell my copyrighted products are fraudulent. If you have any questions about Feeding Pickle Ltd, always feel free to send a message. You are literally what I am here for!

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