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Knotted Fabric Necklace - Two Ways

The time that you invest into creating a gift is a priceless gift.  It adds a value that no dollar ever could; it adds a piece of you and your heart.
Feeding Pickle Ltd Knotted Necklace Tutorial
Creating this knotted fabric necklace won't cost much in terms of supplies.  About a yard of soft knit fabric (you could even use the fabric from a t-shirt), a little bit of embroidery floss, maybe a few beads, a little thread...and time. 
Make a gift for Mom (Mother's Day is this coming Sunday, hint, hint!), or make a new accessory to your own outfit!
Feeding Pickle Ltd Knotted Necklace Tutorial
Cut strips of knit fabric in approximately 1" wide strips.  Make sure the strips stretch lengthwise.  You'll need about 13 strips that are about 45" long.
Start to tie knots.  That's really all there is to this necklace.  Leave a little blank space at the ends of each strip so that they can be attached later, but knot away!  Let some knots pile up on each other.  Leave blank spots.  Create 4 strips of knots to bundle into the necklace.  Each strip of knots in this demo necklace used 3 - 45" strips.  Knotting the strips shortens them immensely!
Feeding Pickle Ltd Knotted Necklace Tutorial
Using the remaining strip, cut it into thirds and braid it, with a knot at each end, leaving about 2" unbraided extending beyond each knot.
Feeding Pickle Ltd Knotted Necklace Tutorial
Using sturdy thread, tie a knot around where the braided portion (the top of the necklace) and the knotted strips meet.  Wind the thread around the area a few times and knot again.
Feeding Pickle Ltd Knotted Necklace TutorialFeeding Pickle Ltd Knotted Necklace Tutorial
Begin winding embroidery thread snugly from the braided knot down to the knots of the multi strand necklace portion. If changing colors, tie off each color and wind the next color over the knot and tails to secure.  On the final color, knot when completed as before and then use a tapestry needle to thread the tails back under the wound thread portion.  Trim any excess.
 Feeding Pickle Ltd Knotted Necklace Tutorial
For a simpler version, simply thread beads onto narrow strips of knit fabric, adding knots or piles of knots as you wish.  Create a simple or full necklace with however many strands you choose.  Tie all strands at the back of the neck.
Feeding Pickle Ltd Knotted Necklace Tutorial
Show and tell!  Show off your knotted necklace creations by tagging @feedingpickle on Instagram!
Feeding Pickle Ltd Knotted Necklace Tutorial
What other versions or color combinations do you think will stand out?
Always be creative,
Marie Winfield

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