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Pickles CREATE! Around the House Craft Camp, Week 3

Marie Winfield

What room could be more creatively inspiring than the kitchen?  Daily, creative genius is tested and honed while creating meals in the kitchen.  But beyond food, what is in the kitchen to feed creativity in a more general sense?

It’s Week 3 of Pickles CREATE! Craft Camp and the prompt for this week in our Around the House craft camp is the KITCHEN!

Use the tools you find there and use them for a fresh purpose.  Use ingredients to create NON-edible creations.  Use the colors, textures, and whatever you find to feed your creativity!

Here’s what we did with...

...a fork!

Instead of pressing our fork onto our peanut butter cookies to make the traditional criss-crossed pattern, we dipped our fork in paint and created the same pattern on dish towels!  

Following this activity up with a batch of peanut butter cookies sounds good, too!

...bottle caps!

Perfect palettes for tiny creations, bottle caps became magnets here!  

Fill with little beads and glitter.  Filling the voids between beads and covering the surface with a clear epoxy will keep everything securely in place.  Glue a magnet on the back.  

Another option for bottle caps was to cut a circle of fabric to fit around the bottle cap.  Stitch a gathering thread around the edge and gather over a bottle cap. Glue in place and add a magnet.  Show off those little bits of embroidery!  (This little chicken was stitched by a Pickle here.)


Grow a pineapple plant from the top of your last snack!  Remove any leftover fruit and a few extra leaf layers at the base of the leafy part of the pineapple to expose small root nodules.  Rest the nodules in a cup of water and watch them grow.  The roots you see here took a few months for us.  We potted them and continue to watch them grow.  

Celery and onion can also be grown again from their base (root end)!

This only scratches the surface of creativity in the kitchen.  Make ornaments from salt dough or cinnamon dough.  Turn jars into candle holders or lanterns...and more!  Drop your kitchen-inspired creative projects below!

Always be creative,

Marie Winfield

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