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Sweater Friends Peg Doll Craft

Marie Winfield

A sweet simple craft, designed to teach useful concepts and create an item that will be loved and played with for a long time.  These Sweater Friends Peg Dolls use a basic knit glove to create the sweater, while a simple chain stitch scarf adds a new challenge and skill to any Pickle's crafting repertoire.  Kits for the Sweater Friends Peg Dolls can be found in the Feeding Pickle Ltd shop here.

First, here's quick overview of the steps listed below:
Here we go!
1.  Cut a finger off the glove right where the finger meets the hand of the glove—this will be the sweater.  Cut the very tip off of the glove finger to open it.
2.  Pull this “tube” over the head of the peg doll and cover the body.

3.  Roll back the base of the sweater and apply a bead of glue around the base of the peg doll body.  Roll the sweater back over the glue and press in place at the base of the body.  Excess “sweater” can be trimmed off at the base of the peg doll after gluing.
4.  Cut 1.5” off the top of another glove finger—this will be the hat.
5.  Put a spot of glue on top of the peg doll head.
6.  Fold up the brim of the “hat” and pull hat onto peg doll head.  Position hat to reveal face section.

7.  Chain stitch* (directions below) a 6 inch or 7 inch scarf from yarn, fastening off the end.  Optional:  braid yarn for a scarf.

8.  Cut yarn tails on each end of scarf to 1” and fluff the ends like fringe.
9.  Glue heart to peg doll sweater.

10.  Use crayons to make rosy cheeks and a pen to draw a smile.


*Chain stitch (video below):
1.  Create a slip knot and place slip knot on index finger, keeping it above the second knuckle.   (Crochet hook size J can also be used for this step.)

2.  Use the long end of the yarn to add another wrap around the end of your finger.

Lift slip knot over the new loop on your finger and off the end of your finger.   You have a new loop on your finger.

4.  Adjust the yarn to tighten up the chain you created.

5.  Repeat steps 3 through 5.

6.  When chain is the desired length, cut yarn about 4" from finger and pull the yarn end through the loop on your finger, and pull snug to fasten.
Here's a video of the steps:
Once you’ve mastered using your fingers to chain stitch, add the crochet hook!
Show off your new sweater friends by tagging us on Instagram @feedingpickle !

Always be creative,
Marie Winfield

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