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Creative Play

Christmas Angel Peg Doll

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Christmas Angel Peg Doll
Christmas Angel Peg Doll
Christmas Angel Peg Doll

A Christmas tradition to spread good tidings and great joy.

Complete little acts of kindness and leave no trace except this angel for the recipient to find.  Then they help her on her gifting travels by also doing a deed of kindness or leaving a small surprise for the next recipient.  And on and on she goes, sharing kindness and delighting in secretive giving.

Our Christmas angel has been found left in a sink, all dishes cleaned and put away—she completed someone’s chore.

She has been found in a barn boot after completing the outdoor chores for another.  A candy and the angel have been found early in the morning, waiting in a shoe by the door, to help someone start their day with an smile.  Where will your angel go?  What will she find to do to brighten the days of those in your home?  Or maybe even in your office or school?

Purchase includes one (1) peg doll, with hand-wood-burned angel design.

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