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Beeswax Egg Candles

Marie Winfield

When it is eggs we have in abundance, it is egg projects we try!  Thanks to our hens and ducks, our egg basket has been overflowing.  Beeswax candles were on my to-do list, but we decided to take a little detour on that project.  Using the eggshells as the candle mold, we created candles perfect for this season.  

The following is not a tutorial.  It’s just my notes on what we did and notes of what I’d like to change in the future.  Mostly this project was about considering how else we could use what we already have around us to make something new!

Blowing eggs was a new experience for a few of the Pickles and our friends who joined us for this project experiment day.  A small hole in the top and bottom of the egg, a skewer to break up the yolk, and a strong set of lungs to blow through the top hole leaves a beautifully empty shell.  We rinsed and noted that next time we’d do this part a day ahead to let the eggshells fully dry inside.

We added a wick and taped off the hole at the base of the egg (noted that next time I need to make sure to have Duct Tape in the house before beginning this project.  Maybe clay could also work.)  

We carefully poured the melted beeswax to fill the eggshell.  This was the true test of the tape, which really only had an issue if the egg wasn’t fully dry before trying to seal it closed with the tape.

The eggs sat still until hardened.  Because the wax tends to dip in at the top as it hardens, we topped off those that needed a bit more wax and then allowed the candle to fully cool before...

...we gently cracked off the egg shell.  The wax had pulled in, away from the shell, and the shell was easily removed.  

Cute little egg holders make the presentation adorable, but also keep the candles stable when burning.

✔️Another project noted as being one we’d like to repeat—to refine our process and explore more possibilities with it.  

Along the lines of blowing eggs, using wax, and making something beautiful, psanky eggs are on my radar next!

What about you?  What do you have around you in abundance?  What can you use it for in a fresh way?

Always be creative,

Marie Winfield






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