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Just try it!

Marie Winfield

You know when you want to try a project, but you're not sure how it will work out, so you have everything ready and it all sits and waits until you get the courage to try it and once you try it, you wonder why in the world did you ever wait so long to do something so fun?!

Just me?

This project would be that scenario and running-on sentence in real life.  I suppose the fear of the unknown, the fear of a flopped project, or the fact that it was just new and uncharted territory made it seem daunting until the Pickles and I finally sat down one afternoon and dove in.  We had collected pile of pretty black and white photos for this project (all piled up for sale in a glass fish bowl at our local antique shop).  I dug out the embroidery thread and we scrounged up a few needles and we made this:  

Our only goal was to add a little pop of color, and maybe add a little imagination to the story we saw in each photo.

Such a simple craft that, apart from needing help threading the needle, even the 6 year old Pickle plunged right in enthusiastically and came away with a finished piece of art. It's a simple concept project with such huge potential! For the next few days, I noticed other Pickles pick up needle and thread and tell another story on another photo.  It was really that easy.  Easy enough and rewarding enough that they kept coming back to feed their creative ideas with more.

The basic concept:  punch tiny holes with a pin into a photograph where you would like to add some threaded stitches or knots.  Thread your needle and create art on top of art.  Knotting your thread on the back of the photo doesn't work so well, we found, so we used a piece of washi tape.  Which kind of sort of worked, but worked well enough for our purposes of holding the beginning and ending of each thread.

Ok, your turn.  Go try that thing that you've been wanting to get creative with and come tell us how it goes!


Always be creative,

Marie Winfield

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