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Pickles CREATE! Around the House Craft Camp Week 1!

Marie Winfield

Welcome to Pickles CREATE! Craft Camp!  We look forward each year to sharing projects with you that we have enjoyed, and encouraging you to challenge yourself to think of creative variations of what we share.  And in turn, we hope you'll share!  Tag @feedingpickle on Instagram and use the hashtag #picklescreate   This year's theme is AROUND THE HOUSE.  Finding common items already available in your home and making them something fresh is this year's challenge.  We'll choose a few rooms to focus on and share our projects with you.  We are just as excited to see what you make too!

The first room this week for our camp challenge is the Living Room.  The room where you default, where the comfy seats are, and where the pictures are hung.  Pictures...picture frames!  What can be done with picture frames besides, well, framing pictures?

Here's the fun we had with them:

PAINTING PORTRAITS:  A plexiglass document frame became our favorite tool for painting portraits. 


With one Pickle behind the frame, and the other armed with paints and a brush in front of the frame, we enjoyed several days of painting faces!  We used washable paints and painted over and over again.

Bonus:  instead of a face behind the frame, put a coloring book page IN the frame and paint or trace that way as well.


Double Bonus:  The littlest pickle was 100% happy just to paint.  Not a single other prop needed to feed creativity for this one!


FRAMING FLOWERS:  A quick scavenge about the yard yielded a lovely handful of wild flowers and leaves.  We used glass from two identical sized frames and sandwiched our finds between the glasses.  We secured them together with decorative tape before putting the back of the picture frame on again.  Ours kept nicely for about two weeks before needing to be replaced.


Bonus:  Use silk flowers or dried flowers for a never ending display.  Also, secure the glass in the frame without the traditional frame back and let the glass shine through!

WOVEN BULLETIN BOARD:  Need a cute little place to tack up your hairclips, photos, or "to-do" list? 

Use the frame and wrap around it with t-shirt yarn.  (Cut a t-shirt from the hem up, around and around, in one long continuous 1" strip.)  Begin to wrap the frame the opposite direction, but this time weave the yarn through.  Secure each end of the yarn at beginning and end.  


Bonus:  Use other materials to bring a new texture to the design, like lace or twine!


Your turn!  Show off your frameable art!


Always be creative,
Marie Winfield



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