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Pickles CREATE! Around the House Craft Camp Week 1, part 2

Marie Winfield

Welcome back to more crafts to be found in the LIVING ROOM!  This is part two of the first week of Pickles CREATE! 2019 “Around the House” Craft Camp.  There is no deadline, no appointment to meet for this craft camp—just come and be inspired and go and get creative in your own space!

Do you have a book in your living room?  A current read?  A favorite bedtime story?  The weekly newspapers or maybe the music books on the piano?

This week's challenge was to use books to fuel our creative project ideas.  Books can be found at thrift stores, yard sales, even recycling centers and they make amazing launching points for feeding creativity.  Filled from cover to cover with words and pictures, each page holds so much potential.  We picked up an extra world atlas for 50 cents at a local thrift shop and here's what we did with it...

GIFT BOWS:  Pages cut into strips and fastened with brads.  Form figure 8's with each strip of paper and stack by punching a brad through the center of each.  More layers makes a fuller bow! 

PAPER FEATHERS:  Add them to a flower arrangement or wreath on your front door, or make an entire wreath with them!  Start by gluing a piece of wire between two pages, and allow to dry.  Cut a feather outline around the wire.  Cut slivers of the paper from outside in toward the wire to mimic the barbs of a feather.  Fluff the "barbs" after cutting to give life and movement to the feather.

TREAT CONES:  We made these for my sister's senior recital reception out of sheet music paper and filled them with cookies, but the Pickles enjoyed freshly popped popcorn in some atlas paper cones!  Simply twist a sheet of paper to form a cone, and tape into place!

We have also covered rocks with maps to make  an air plant holder and hung pages of children’s books with antique pant hangers and made bunting banners with the illustrated pages!


What do you do to re-use books?


Always be creative,

Marie Winfield


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  • Love all of these cute ideas….especially the feathers!

    Norma A Fitzwater

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