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Of Crayons and Candles

Marie Winfield

When the days of winter drag on dark and long, this is a good way to brighten them!  For just pennies, we used what we had on hand to create a bright spot in our day and a new experience to add to our creativity.

Taper candles from the thrift shop got a colorful make-over when we gently softened crayons over a lit candle, and then allowed the crayon to drip onto the taper candles.  Plenty of brown paper to cover our table helped make the clean-up of our many rogue drips quite simple.  
We were fascinated by the ease and yet finesse that it took to get predictable drips.  If you are as intrigued as we are by the process of creating, this might be a project you would enjoy as well.
Always be creative,
Marie Winfield

*It is obvious, but must be stated:  When working with flame and wax, use care and caution and much adult supervision when children are involved with a craft such as this one.  Crayons melt quickly (if you've ever left them in a car, as I have on summer day, you already know how quickly they soften) and holding them near the flame surprised us with how quickly they were ready to drip.  Paper should be removed from crayons to prevent them from catching on fire. 

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