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On the Road Again - The Feeding Pickle Ltd Story Part 4

Marie Winfield

In case you wondered, we did find and settle into a home and job, and those 17 months of nomadic-ish living came to rest. But not for long!

{Feeding Pickle Ltd products have a story to tell!
This is part 4 of the story and motivation behind
the products we offer.)

Only a few years after settling into the East Coast, we took a job and moved back the 500 miles we had just come through and settled just a few miles from where I had grown up as a little Pickle myself.

This is when I first designed our hanging pods. We still had a house on the market, and needed to consistently (for what ended up being two years) take the 10 hour journey back for property maintenance.

Just like our first box of toys selection, I now consolidated further, and designed our hanging pod pattern. Each Pickle had a hanging pod to hold what they needed for the trip. Drawing Packets were first to be packed. (You already knew I was going to say that, didn't you! But it's true!) A little dolly, a few matchbox sized cars, a mini etch-a-sketch. Strings for Cat's Cradle games. Silly Putty. Road trip Bingo game printables were fun. Portable snacks. Pods were filled a little differently each trip, with the exception of our a Drawing Packets which after 12 years of using we have never tired of.

We hung our pods from seat backs and it was self-serve for the Pickles in between road trip naps.

A major change in plans is what you will find in Part 5.

What about you? Love road trips? What are your favorite items to pack to feed creativity in unique circumstances, like cars and hotels?

Always be creative,
Marie Winfield

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