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Sorting out Life - The Feeding Pickle Story Part 3

Marie Winfield

So we liked the idea of enjoying just a boxful of toys and decided to dig through all of our belongings in storage and have a garage sale! What did we get rid of?

In all honestly, I don't remember.

I know. That totally sounded like I just posted click bait, huh?

I think the fact that I forget proves exactly why we did it. We knew there were a lot of things we were toting around in life, caring for, paying maintenance for, dusting, cleaning, and walking around everyday that we didn't need. We got rid of the changing table amongst other furniture, welcomed three more baby Pickles into our family and I never missed it. I will readily admit that there were just a few little things I did look for later and realized must've ended up on the chopping block. I won't pretend like I did it all perfect. ☺ I also learned that I've lived fine without those few things, and at the end of the day, stuff is still just stuff.

I promise I'm not advocating a total-minimalist/get rid of it all lifestyle here. (In case you were slowly reaching to hug tight that vase over there. I have vases still too. Just fewer than before, and just my favorites now.) It took this life experience for us to hone in and decide what was helpful in our life and what was just extra baggage for the ride. For us, it was relieving to pare down what we owned to these criteria:
--we used it everyday
--we used it for occasional major projects (canning supplies, for instance)
--tools useful for living (drill, hammer, my sewing machine)
--select items of deep sentimental value
--solid and useful furniture items.

I found that I missed our pizza pan during those 17 storage months. It was the cheapest pan you've ever met, and it had holes in the bottom that the crust would get stuck in and think it was going to burn, but it had made our favorite family pizza at least once a week. I also always used one bamboo spoon to mix it, so I was kinda glad to see that again. And my inherited melamine bowls from my grandmother that reminded me of spending the night at her house and eating popcorn while watching "I ❤️Lucy" episodes.

When we sorted through and made sure we were keeping the items that we actually enjoyed and used, it made a noticeable difference in the efficiency of our home. And yes, I recognize that this is a first world type discussion. That was also a sobering thought as we sorted and choose to maintain a less is more mindset.

So, you're asking, what Feeding Pickle Ltd product does this have to do with? None, exactly, except that I aim to offer products that assist you in keeping life intentional. Postcards to encourage. Pods to make your home organization simple and accessible. And...oh, yeah, the next product is coming.

But today's post is mostly a major hint at the changes that are still happening and coming about in a major way for our family soon. Stay tuned! The story of the Feeding Pickle Ltd Hanging Pods' beginning is next!

What are your family's most used tools and items in your home? What items would survive a major sorting-through sale?

Always be creative,
Marie Winfield

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