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Marie Winfield

Those table legs.
They were nearly as tall as some,
weighed as much as a few,
and modeled a paint job that repulsed all
but one. 
A Pickle exclaimed, "Those look like candle sticks!," while the rest of us continued to walk past them.  A few others added their comments and raised eyebrows, but in the end we spent our six dollars on those controversial table legs... 
...and came home with a plan.
We used paint we had on hand and practiced using power tools...
...and now we are all delighted with our much-classier candle holders for upcoming seasons!
Would you have walked on by those original wild table legs?
What transformation did you see in them?

Always be creative,
Marie Winfield

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  • WOW…those are beautiful!!

    Norma A Fitzwater

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